Why you should

choose umbrella requirements

We deliver a professional, hassle-free employment management service that puts the needs of our clients first. Although we have specialist knowledge and a thorough understanding of the standard services you require, we recognise the importance of listening to our clients to help us understand your specific needs and identify what we must do in order to meet them.

To discuss your specific requirements, call our team on 0800 169 1191, or e-mail us at info@umbrellarequirements.co.uk

8 Reasons to choose Umbrella Requirements:


  1. Professional support provided by a dedicated account manager.
  2. Full professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover.
  3. Compliance with HMRCguideance, IR35, S660, and MSC legislation.
  4. Access to a professional tax consultancy.
  5. Clear fee structure with no joining fees or leaving charges.
  6. Payments made using Fast Payments Service.
  7. Quick and easy sign-up process.
  8. Clearly written expenses policy that explains deductible allowances before tax.

Umbrella Requirements